Posted by: Midsummernight | May 31, 2006

Offer #3

Buyer number three really wanted our house. Or should I say potential buyer #3, as they will not be buying our home. The latest offer was from a young man that was apparently unaware that he needed to have credit, something, anything for credit in order to get a home loan. He was unaware of this before he looked at our house and decided that this was the one he and his fiancé desperately wanted. The decided, after talking to the realtor that what they wanted to do then was rent the house with the option to buy it in six months. My realtor explained that it would only work if, for starters the deal was rent for six months and then they would buy it. No options to get out if they change their mind in the middle of December. We are not selling cars and giving test drives. This is a house not a Ford Escort. So they proceeded down that road. We were hesitant, but we were willing to do it based on a few concrete terms. Well the deeper the realtor was working on this one, the uneasier* she got. The last straw was the buyers mom calling the buyers realtor just to warn her that her son was not good at handling money. They buyer has decided to live at home for a few more years and we are thankfully getting out of this one unscathed.

With the way theses offers are getting more and more bizarre I am really curious to see what offer #10 will be. Any bets?

*Spell check suggested replacing “more uneasy” with uneasier. So I did, it then keeps telling me that uneasier is not a word. I love technology.



  1. Regarding the replacement leg– you can probably get insurance to pay for it, but you’ll have to get a prescription from your husband’s doctor. Should be no problem to get the doc to write a prescription if it is really worn. is your hubby an above or below-knee amputee?


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