Posted by: Midsummernight | May 27, 2006

Is it only me?

Am I really the only person who hates the television? I went four years without in when I lived in an area that we couldn’t get basic channels without a monstrous antenna on top of the house. No one I knew was willing to climb up on my obnoxiously steep roof and put an antenna up. I was unwilling to pay $50 a month to watch the tv when I was barely home anyway. So DH and I went without it. I loved that period of our lives. Sure we missed out on the latest tv shows that everyone was always talking about, but really it didn’t matter. No one talks about those shows now anyway. They won’t matter years from now. How I spend my time with my DH and kids will mater. If I play with them or watch tv with them is different and it will produce different traits in my kids. We used to play games, sit outside and talk a lot more.

Now we have cable, a product that came unfortunately with the internet service that my father needed to have. While the internet is nice, used in moderation and has some redeeming value in my opinion (we could email my father when he was in Thailand for example). The tv never fulfills a need for me. Yes it gives me background noise, yes it lets me see the Martha Stewart show, and yes it lets me sit and numb my brain after listing to kids all day. I could easily do those things thought without the tv. Background noise? CD player or radio- Check. Martha Stewart? I see the video clips online and that’s good enough for me- Check. Numb my brain? Crochet something easy or read some good novel – Check. So what does the tv really do for me? Nothing that I can really think I would want it on.

So lately I have been trying to not turn it on. I have noticed that my little boy at almost 23 months will sit and stare at the tv when it is on. Not moving a muscle. This is the same little boy that has to kick his feet constantly while eating super just to release some of that pent up energy. His tv watching scares me. So I am in a fight not to have it on all the time. I am, however, alone in this battle it seems. The others I live with are not on the same page as me, and some even feel watching tv together is bonding. I feel ignored and uncared for if someone wants to watch a movie with me rather than sit and talk outside. They obviously value the tv above me on some level. Otherwise they would rather talk to me, right? When we go to other peoples households they are not with me on this page either. The tv is on full time at a number of households I visit and I would be really overstepping my bounds to turn it off.

So what do I do here? I feel like I am going to have to get up early, get ready and play with the kids outside everyday. Just to avoid that blaring lights/sound box in the living room. I love playing with them outside, and they love it too. It’s just that I don’t get much done around the house, and for some reason people still want clean clothes. My little boy is really good at entertaining himself for a time when his younger brother sleeps. Usually I can then get some good dish washing, laundering and sweeping done. If we are outside, I obviously can’t.
So, I am stuck. I think the house is just going to become less clean on a daily basis. To me, this is a more important battle.



  1. Shouldnt this be “Living with your parent (part 2)”?
    Just so you know I completely agree with you. When James comes over to our house on Fridays… He does sit and watch the film. But he does usually get up after 20 mintues and run around. Sometimes…. Joe wants to take our filter off of our cable internet, so we would get TV also. It makes me nervous. But I also would like to watch TV sometimes. Its scary.

  2. I also do not care too much for television. Hi, I came across your blog by browsing. It caught my attention. I also have a blog you may enjoy. You can read it here. It’s funny, so enjoy!

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