Posted by: Midsummernight | May 23, 2006

Living with your parent (part 1)

We currently live with my dad while we try and sell our house and figure out where to go from here after the job change/financial status change. I love living with my dad for a number of reasons (a big one being someone to watch the kids so I can shower alone!). My DH doesn’t mind to much since my dad buys ice cream on a semi regular basis, and I never do. We all get along well and my dad is really careful about making sure DH and I get alone time and family time without him some days. Some things he does though just make me shake my head. It’s just those funny quirks everyone has that you don’t realize are there till you live with someone. He always makes a full pot of coffee then drinks it for two days. I can’t stand day old coffee so this one just boggles me.

The other funny thing I have noticed lately is that he fills the sink up with hot soapy water dumps the dishes in and lets them soak for hours. He did this yesterday and I eventually drained the water before I went to bed. As a side note, never leave your sink full of water overnight. My sister can tell you a lovely story from her childhood involving day old dish water, reaching in bare handed to pull the plug and seeing a dead mouse in the sink when the water was gone. So now that you are thoroughly grossed out I will continue. It turns out that this is his way of washing the dishes, if you let them soak long enough, they get clean. Then you can just rinse them off and put them away. I figured this out last night (after I drained the water) This morning (ok so it was noon) after my shower I came down stairs to find a sink full of hot soapy water with a bunch of dishes and my dad leaving for a bike ride. I washed the dishes.


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