Posted by: Midsummernight | May 8, 2006

Offer #2

Selling this house is becoming more of a hassle than I ever dreamed it would be. We received our second offer the other day (the first being the one where the closing fell through). The offer was for 20% less than our asking price! We counter offered, obviously as who wants to take 20% less than asking price? The would be buyer apparently was irritated that we wouldn’t take a significant amount less than we were asking! The reasoning was that it is a buyers market so we should be happy to get anything for the house! Just because it is a buyers market doesn’t mean I am going to give my house away. Shesh. We are already selling it below what we think it is worth just to get it sold. The kicker was that it was two separate people trying to buy the house, so it looked like they wanted to use it to rent out. My house is one of the few that is move in ready at the price we are asking, which is why they wanted mine. They wanted me to take a huge loss so they could earn some money off of my house. Some people. Ugh.



  1. That is insulting! I hope they were just trying to test you and see how low you’d go but were totally reasonable once you countered at a higher price. We are in the process of an offer, too, and we’ve accepted. Actually, the new owners are here right now post-inspection.

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