Posted by: Midsummernight | May 3, 2006

6 Months Old

Today you are 6 months little one. You have changed and grown so fast I am amazed that it has already been six months. You came into this world 3 weeks and 2 days early. Technically a preemie just like your big brother. Without some of the hoopla of your brothers birth, but you had a drama and emergency all your own. You nursed within minutes of birth and have not stopped eating since. You are a very happy little boy and love to laugh and smile. Tickling you is so much fun as you laugh like crazy. Flying is one of your favorite games and as we raise you up and down you just laugh and laugh. Sometimes you will be sucking on your much loved pacifier and something strikes you as funny, you laugh so hard till you realize that your pacifier fell out in the process. We plop it back in your mouth for you and you are once again happy as a clam.

You love to sit up as this is a very recent skill you learned. You stare at your brother as you sit, then you laugh at him and topple over. The two of you play well together, you pull his hair and he pats your belly. You love rolling over and your brother loves helping you. He sometimes decides to help you roll over when you don’t want to, and a small screaming fit ensues (from both of you). You are a big mamas boy and sometimes will even fuss and cry at Dad till he hands you back to me. We are trying to teach you how to drink from a cup. You get a lot of water on you that way. We have tried giving you rice cereal twice, and it has come back out on both attempts. You were not thrilled with the taste it seemed.

I am in awe of you, little one. You have grown and changed so much these past months. I am excited to see what type of young man and gentleman you will become. Know now that I am already proud of all you have done and love you lots. Nothing will ever take my love away. I pray for you as you grow, praying that you will become a wonderful loving man of God. May His peace and blessing follow you all the days of your life. I love you little one.


P.S. – Ok, so I started this post on your six month birthday of sorts, it just took me past the midnight deadline. So, in other words no I have not already forgoten that you were born on the 2nd and that it was your brother who was born on the 3rd.


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