Posted by: Midsummernight | April 30, 2006

Thoughts from this weekend

Friday night was a blast! I am so showing my age by using the word blast. But anyways, call it what you will. Blast, swinging good time, jumping, rocking, whatever you want but it was fun. The food is always great and desert was the best. The most fun though, was the talking. This is the one of the best events our church has all year. We get a wonderful meal and get some great time to talk. Although, they always have some sort of live music there as well. Which is great and I love listing to them, but it seems that the talking is limited to in-between food bites or afterwards. Which is too late for some, my sister had to leave early as she gets up at 3:30 am so she was exhausted by nine. It would be nice if they allowed more talking before hand or something, so she didn’t feel like she had to eat and run.

Saturday was a early morning, and I was late to the Spiritual Growth Training. I wonder who decided to have the late night women’s dinner the night before the early morning training? I was glad I went though. The first topic was a wonderful teaching about the differences between how men and women communicate. Something I always need to learn more on, as there are plenty of days I really don’t get my DH. The second class sounded like a wonderful teaching as well, and I am sure it would was. The parts I did hear, which wasn’t much of it, was a wonderful class. Austin however had had enough and I felt like a revolving door popping into the meeting for 5 min out for 5 and back again. It was nuts.

And lastly, a few little rants that I need to get out of my system:

Why do people decided to use the handicap stall in a completely empty bathroom? There are a lot of people that live their lives in wheelchairs and use public restrooms as well. I am sure they are completely thrilled to have to wait for you to finish when you could have used any of the other ten stalls available while you use the only one they can get into.

And a small rant to someone I am unable to talk to in person about this incident: No, it is not ok for my son to take the plate of cake forgotten on floor and eat. It was not originally his and he needs to learn that he can not take anything that is laying out if he wants it. Please don’t argue with my DH and I after we have already told our son “no” and try and tell us it is ok. As a side note, your daughter walked off with my pop.


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