Posted by: Midsummernight | April 23, 2006

Some things are just not funny.

Today at church I was sitting there waiting for my DH to get back from chasing our little toddler down the hall. Church was over, and most of the lobby had been cleared out. A young group of brothers (3 of them around 10-13 years old) were running around playing and making noise. Not a big deal to me, since they are boys and the lobby was mostly cleared out. Their mother then decided it was time to go so she told them all to go get their stuff. One boy grabbed his stuff and put on a ski mask he had in his jacket. He then proceeded to run around after his brothers saying “Give me all your money” over and over. This terrified me. I worked at a bank for about 7 years and I have been robbed at gun point twice. This is one of the reasons I will never go back to banking. I still have numerous security issues from these robberies and probably should get some massive therapy. I was so upset at church and so shocked I couldn’t even get off my chair to go talk to his mother. Whom, by the way never said anything to the boys to stop. The best I could do was look my husband in the eye, and he promptly walked me out (he was so sweet to help me move when I could barely breath on my own). I think it was the worst I have ever felt after leaving church.


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