Posted by: Midsummernight | February 27, 2006

I’m not buying it

Have you noticed the anti-male state of our culture today? I was reading a friends live journal account the other day and I noticed two replies to her post that were utterly male bashing. Where do we, as females seem to think that saying mean or hurtful things against males is ok? I realize that a majority of this stems from the feminist debate. I am grateful for the feminist revolution. I really am, I appreciate the rights it gave us that we did not have before. But where in our rights did it become a right to male bash and say horrible, mean spirited things against all males? Where do we get off suddenly feeling like we are a superior sex? I thought the revolution was to make us equal not superior. I don’t believe that just because I happen to be female that I suddenly rule over men in general, just the same as I don’t believe that blonds are actually dumber than redheads. Stereotyping never works, is degrading and hurtful.

I have seen shirts that say things like “I eat boys for breakfast” “Boy suck” and “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them”. I understand the free speech idea and all. But do you really ever see males wearing shirts with the opposite ideas on them? If you did, would you as a female suddenly feel the need to go up into his face and “give him a piece of your mind”? I know plenty of women who would think that if a guy wore something offensive, he is being sexist, rude, ignorant and the like. If you really were to ask some women they get a little farther off base and get into much nastier comments for such males using their free speech rights. I don’t like it, and I don’t buy this whole anti male campaign.

Men are not the same as females, I don’t buy the whole people are taught to be feminine or masculine argument either. If my boys want to play with dolls, fine they can. James was even given one baby doll. Do you know what he does with it? He used to chew on the feet when he was teething, and otherwise he bangs it into the floor like a hammer. You put dolls galore in front of him and one truck and he would pick the truck every time. I know since we go to his cousins (a girls) house and she only has one car. He picks the car every time. He is a male. He was born that way, God made him that way and because of that he acts that way. I have no desire to try and turn my son into a female just because our society says that he shouldn’t play with cars or any other typical male toy. When he gets older he will get to play cowboy, cops and robbers and the like with toy guns.

I plan to raise my boys to be caring, honest, God loving, respectful GENTLEMEN. I plan on teaching them that they should have respect for females (I believe men should open doors for women) and not not ever put females down. But on the same token they shouldn’t be taking crap from females just because they are males. I hope my sons never want to date girls who want to wear man-bashing tee-shirts. I think that both sides need to respect each other. Male bashing, although technically a free speech argument would never be allowed if it was for the reverse. I respect my husband, biblically submit (Gasp!) to him, and he loves and cares for me as Christ did for the church. It works, I appreciate his caring for me and he appreciates the trust I place in him. I don’t feel the need to degrade men to make myself feel superior, and I pray my boys will never feel the need to make themselves feel superior to a female. And they should never feel required to make them selves less male in order to please a female.



  1. I love the way you think and I love the way you express your ideas.

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