Posted by: Midsummernight | February 23, 2006

Yesterday’s Geniusness has been replaced by today’s sleeplessness

Something has gone horribly wrong in the sleep department. Yesterday I was so elated and congratulating myself on the toddler sleeping so well and so early. It didn’t last.

I was quietly enjoying my evening having just called hubby who was on his way home from work. Then I heard it. I heard the little pitter patter of tinny feet upstairs. Crap. After a four hour nap he had woken up and was ready to play! Husband was home in about 20 min and we proceeded to try and get him back to sleep. Two hours filled with massive screaming fits later he finally cried himself to sleep. We are not, by the way, parents who normally allow our children to cry themselves to sleep. The toddler in his crib, by himself happened after about 1 hour and 55 min. I am not kidding. We left the room, he screamed like he was dying which broke my heart. But within five freaking minuets he was asleep. If I had known that at the beginning I would have done it then and saved us all the 1.55 hours.

Then it gets better. Assuming he is asleep for good, this is where it gets worse, we get ready for bed and climb in. Getting ready for bed by this time means turning off the lights. We climb in and just as we are about to drift off to sleep he wakes up and is screaming again! CRAP! It is now 12:30am and I have no energy to fight with him. I walk into his room, pick him up and bring him back to our room. I first dumped him on the little mattress on the floor, but no that was not good enough. He wanted to be in our bed. Fine. I dragged him up, made sure I was carefully positioned between the toddler and the baby since nursing babies are always allowed in the bed. I then proceeded to try sleeping for the rest of the night. Finally started a good stretch of sleep only to be awakened at 7am hearing the babble of a toddler. This is going to be a long day.

So in my sleep deprived state, sans coffee state, I thought I would give everyone a hint I learned this morning. Apparently, for corded electrical items to work they need to be plugged in. Who knew? I thought it was taking a little long for the coffee.



  1. At our house an unplugged coffee pot would be a serious problem too!


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