Posted by: Midsummernight | February 22, 2006

Don’t they need naps?

The toddler is past a afternoon nap already. I really thought kids had naps well into age 6 or so. Don’t they make kids take naps in kindergarden or something? Despite my sound reasoning, logic and general pleading he is not taking afternoon naps. Or any morning nap either for that matter. I thought it would be hard (and don’t get me wrong, it is) it’s just that some parts of not taking a nap are easier. Take today for instance, granted today was a big oops on my part, but I digress. Today he did not have a nap and he went to bed without the three hour long screaming fit that normally entails bedtime. He actually was almost asleep when I carried him up the stairs and by the time I got to his bed he was about sound asleep. This is in fact a much need reprieve from the fits, however, it is coming at a high cost. He actually started falling asleep as we ate supper, not a good sign since supper is supposed to be followed by a bath then bed. He needs the daily baths. His skin is fairly well covered in marker by the end of the day that I feel needs to come off before morning. It just not fun to wake up to him crawling onto my bed and seeing that he needs a bath first thing in the am. Who has that kind of energy before they even get their coffee? So I am torn, endure three hour fits from 7pm to 10 or run him ragged during the day, allow him to collapse in a heap on the floor and give him a bath in the mornings. I’m leaning towards mornings.



  1. here from Big Yellow House. Yeah, naptimes are tricky, aren’t they?

  2. They really are!

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