Posted by: Midsummernight | February 11, 2006

Since I can’t think….

Here is a quick recap of current family events:

The toddler got a new Bible today (B-I-B-L-E, yea that’s the book for me…).

Dear hubby and I got new phones (you can now call me and I can hear you while you can hear me!) Imagine, a phone conversation that can work both ways! Shocking I know.

The toddler dumped his soup on the table the other day, then proceeded to tear the napkin that was quickly placed on the runaway soup to little tiny shreds when Sis ran to get a washcloth from the sink.

The baby was the hit of the mall today and attracted a large number of smiles from random women walking around. He is available for rent at the reasonable rate of $50/per half hour.* He also did the same at the restaurant today (first time out to eat in 2 months!), same rate applies.

1 teaspoon of sugar is roughly 4 grams. Check your pop can to see how much sugar is in there. Mine had 11.5 teaspoons! If you really want to have some fun, look at your cereal. Dear hubby’s is 15-grams per 1 cup cereal (who eats one cup anyway) so for his breakfast he is eating 7.5 teaspoons of sugar just for breakfast. Yuck!

I was allowed to get one (on sale) nursing shirt today. It is my first (and most likely last) one I have ever owned. I am so thrilled as it looks like a “nice” shirt and not a tee-shirt. Since we can’t afford for me to buy a new wardrobe I am still wearing jeans and tee-shirts every day, just like I did in high school. Someday I want to be able to look like a mom and not like a mom trying to be 16 still.

Ants have invaded my kitchen. Every year I end up waging a war against the ants. They are apparently attracted to my clean and wonderful smelling home. Ok, ok so load of c**p as they are really after the sugar that has been on the counter for a week. I put out my first drops of ant killer on the cardboard paper last night and they carried the whole amount off by the time I had gotten up. If they weren’t so disgusting being in my kitchen I would be more amazed at their efficiency. But I digress. I have only seen one ant hence forth today, which was a small cry from the oh roughly 50 or so I killed in the last two days.


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