Posted by: Midsummernight | February 9, 2006

I am officially one of the biggest dorks you know

I am so excited that P&G has come out with this, this and this. Even though I am not a big fan of P&G (don’t get me started on their newest merger) I am still so happy that someone finally came out with the soap, softener, and dryer sheets in one continual sent. It used to be that my clothes started out feeling mountainy fresh, turned into spring blossoms in the rinse and then got a clean burst in the dryer. They turned out smelling like such a mass of different smells that it was nauseating. Now they all have the nice clean smell of spring renewal, much better option.

On a semi more interesting note (aka the boys) I am still semi sane after darling’s first week of work. Granted semi-sane also depends on what psychologist you happen to consult, but hey three out of five can’t be wrong. The toddler has been loving the cupboards this week, and I have been awfully neglectful with locking them. At least the one under the sink is auto lock so my child can’t find anything poisonous or anything. Instead he is just going into the baking cupboard and dropping the pans on his feet. I think he is trying to break his foot so he can nominate me for the Bad Mother of the Year Award.


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