Posted by: Midsummernight | February 7, 2006

How not to debone a chicken breast and other news

Apparently I am not the one to be de-boning chicken breasts. Today was my first attempt at this easy sounding feat. I failed miserably. Instead of getting one nice chicken breast I came up with 4-5 hunks of chicken per breast. Was not a pretty sight, and I am sure if the butcher at the grocery store had seen my end result I would be hence forth banned from buying anything other than boneless skinless chicken breasts from now on. I also put the bones in the garbage and let them sit there half the day till I walked into the kitchen and almost keeled over.

On the kid front, the toddler has developed a wonderful laugh when tickled. He laughs so hard it is the best sound in the world. I would video tape it but that is a whole issue in and of itself. The baby has also decided that smiling and laughing is much more enjoyable than screaming. We are all grateful. He has, however, decided that he still needs to be held while laughing and still cries when we put him down. The laughs almost make up for the fact that I am considering surgery to have him permanently attached so as not to use us all my arms just for carrying him 24/7.

The toddler also has a amazing reverence for the word “hot”. He will be on his way into the kitchen when we tell him not to come in because the oven is open and hot. He will back all the way up past the dinning room and into the living room. He will then stand there with his big blue eyes looking wistfully towards the kitchen till you say the coast is clear. It is amazing to watch as nothing else in this world will make him stop mid stride and go backwards instead. Ok, nothing other than telling him he can brush his teeth, in which case he will run full speed at you. And you better have the toothbrush in hand ready to go or you will hear about it.


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