Posted by: Midsummernight | February 5, 2006

Too many words for one small little man

Noooo! I hear this from the living-room coming from the kitchen. I wander into the kitchen and there is the toddler staring at the garbage can saying Noooo! Noooo! Over and over. The garbage is such a huge temptation for him that he has resorted to telling himself no. He has also learned that telling himself no works for a number of temptations. Although, he gets a little bummed that it doesn’t work on us for bedtime.

Speaking of bedtime, we couldn’t figure out why he always was trying to lay on the bottom mattress and put his head on the top one. His crib turns into a day bed and we have a mattress on the floor just in-case he rolls off. Well he always sits on the bottom one and puts his head on the top. Finally got it today, he is trying to copy us! Duh! He copies everything we do so you think we would have caught on sooner. Every time I put him to bed I do the exact same thing. The toddler has also learned how to copy words. He came up with tractor, danger, horse, and turtle just in the last couple days. Everyday is a new word and a new skill. It is so amazing to watch the world come to life through his big blue eyes.


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